The Assist is a simple tether with a high-grade carabiner, stainless-steel snap bolt and vinyl-coated cable wire and is built to last. The Assist will hold your kite at the edge of the wind window while you position your kite and hand it off your kite to a buddy during a launch. During a landing, hook into the Assist to provide an extra level of protection while your buddy catches your kite.


The Solo is the next step in unassisted launch safety and is engineered with the advanced kiter in mind. It is a patent pending, solo kite launch and land tether. It has been specifically designed to improve the safety of the solo launch and land sequence. The Launch Rite Solo is strong and will hold a kite safely - even under high-wind conditions. However, if at any time a kite generates an extreme pull (similar to a kite out of control), Solo will automatically deploy the kite’s internal safety mechanism. Numerous field trials were conducted to determine the forces needed to hold a kite steady as well as the forces generated by a run-away kite when designing this device. Launch Rite Solo's strength is high enough to hold a kite steady during typical launches and landings but it is lower than the force needed to remove typical sand screws anchored in sand. This feature allows a kite to be held safely when needed, but will disarm the kite before it can generate enough force to pull a sand screw anchor out of the ground. 


"We have tested the unit supplied and found it really works well - especially the fact that it is small enough to to wrap around your harness and then (without it getting in the way) be able to do a downwinder and self-land at the end. We have also had a look at the safety aspect of the product and feel that this has been well addressed. While SAKA would not like to see novice kiters attempting to use this product (unless given proper instructions by a shop or kite school) we feel it is a well-thought-out product and there is a need for it. We see a lot of people using ropes or other means of attaching the chicken loop to a pole or fence and if this goes wrong it could spell disaster."